5 ways to curl your hair while traveling

Everyone at least once in their life has felt the pressing need to look good while having no special tools to obtain the desired results. Having a possibility to visit the professional establishment like some of the Best Hair Salons in New York would be great but is impossible on regular bases. These simple items can help you look your best while traveling without hair curlers and curling wands.

  1. Bobby pins

Take a small damp section of your hair and wrap it around two fingers beginning from the roots. Secure the strand with several bobby pins so that it does not come undone and use a small amount of hairspray. Leave for several hours or overnight. It’s not exactly comfortable option; nonetheless, it does the job well. Better suited for people with medium-length or shorter hair.

  1. Paper Towels

Not the first choice, but easier to find if you did not pack any bobby pins and have longer hair. Dampening your hair would not be recommended since water dripping from your hair will affect paper and possibly even cause the tearing of the towel. Not to mention the unappealing white residue that will cling to the hair. Thus, instead of wetting your hair use hairspray on each separate strand before curling it. Take a paper towel and roll it up into a straw-like shape and start wrapping your hair around it, beginning from the ends. After wrapping all of the desired hair around the paper towel secure the ends by carefully tying them together to avoid breakage. Leave overnight and enjoy soft and subtle damage-free curls on the next day!

  1. Bendy Headband

Slightly harder to obtain than paper towels, but can be used if you have packed a couple or can find them in a store. You can either dampen hair or use hairspray – both will work. Just remember not to use the latter excessively since it can make your hair crunchy. Bend the headband in the middle, position the strand between each end, and proceed to wrap your hair around both halves tightly in the 8-formation beginning from the middle till you reach the bottom. Then bent both ends of the headband to secure the ends and prevent them from getting loose. Leave for several hours and carefully unwrap hair from the band to get large tight curls.

  1. Handkerchief

Fold your handkerchief the same way as paper towels and use it to wrap your hair around it just like with a bendy headband, letting the strand go over one half and then under the handkerchief and then over again. Repeat those three steps until you reach the bottom of the strand and tie two tails with the elastic band.

  1. Dutch braid

This way is the easiest of them all and requires no tools apart from a hair tie you are going to need when sealing the ends. Make two tight dutch braids on each side of your head going as close to the roots as possible. Hairspray them to further secure hair in place avoiding oversaturation and head to sleep.

Choose one of these simple ways to style your hair without heat or try every single one of them to enjoy various looks every day of your vacation!

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