Bondowoso Attraction: Blawan Waterfall Tourism East Java

Blawan Waterfall Tourism is one of popular attraction in Bondowoso, East Java. This waterfall is the continuation of Pahitriver which is also become the disposal of Ijen caldera or known as KawahIjen. It makes the location near the waterfall having natural hotspring. The hot spring becomes the most attractive thing in Blawan waterfall. This waterfall is also unique where you can find that the water of waterfall will come inside to the earth. The water will show again in another district of Bondowoso, Asembagus. The waterfall with this kind uniqueness is Niagara waterfall. That what makes the waterfall is attractive and becomes popular place to visit. You can enjoy the beauty and the landscape around the waterfall as well as the places near waterfall that also offers beauty and attraction.

You can visit the other attraction near the Blawan waterfall which is also beautiful and unique. This is the best way to explore the nature in Bondowoso. You will find exciting location around Blawan waterfall including stalagmite cave. Well, when visiting Blawan waterfall, you can also visit the other attractive places instead such as:

  1. DamarWulan Pool

This pool is a natural pool that located near the waterfall. It serve fresh and natural water which is clean that will be very refreshing. It becomes one of the most attractive locations in Blawan Waterfall Tourism Bondowoso. People near this location believe that you can have youthful look. It is something like mythos and you can believe or not. However, you can try to wash your face with water in this location because it is clean and fresh because it comes naturally.

  1. Hot Spring of Blawan

The other attraction in Blawan waterfall is that there is natural hot spring in the location near the waterfall. It is always visited by the visitors to see and feel the natural hot water there. Because Blawan waterfall area is located near KawahIjen, it is not impossible if there is hot spring existed. It is surrounded with beautiful natural view that is suitable for your vacation.

  1. Park

If you want to get beautiful photos when visiting Blawan waterfall, you can go to the park owned by a factory that located not far from the waterfall. Here you can see the beautiful landscape with plants surrounding and look fresh. In this location, you can also find small waterfall that will be a good point of view for your photos.

If you are going to Bodowoso and want to have challenging yet refreshing adventure in the nature, then you can visit Blawan waterfall. You will walk along the stairs to reach the waterfall that surrounded with high cliffs. It will be such a wonderful view. The waterfall itself is also surrounded with high cliff that will give more dramatic view to the waterfall. If you want to explore Bondowoso and enjoy the nature around, you can have Blawan Waterfall Tourism Accomodation so you will get the best vacation in Bondowoso, East Java.

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