Brace Yourselves! The Budapest Hen Do is your Bachelorette Dream

Ladies, it’s hen party time! You simply cannot miss one last opportunity for a getaway with your BFFs before your marriage and you should start planning the most awesome party before the grand finale of your bachelorette life.

Don’t get me wrong! You are definitely going to have plenty occasions of partying alongside your best gals, but this one is…official. You know that banner with “Everything looks official with tiny leaves around it”? That’s how your hen do party should be: the most intense weekend of your life, with plenty activities to enjoy with your girlfriends and lots of fun.

If we’re talking about the biggest party of your bachelorette life, of course, you’re going to need some kind of planning, because there are many things to consider: budget, destination, crew and activities to enjoy. You have to create a perfect balance among all these factors, because otherwise you might get bored, broke or bewildered.

You definitely don’t want that, mostly because your hen party should only be about adventures, things you might haven’t done yet and many laughs with the girls.

So…how about Budapest?

Why Budapest For Your Hen Do?

A hen do in Budapest might not have popped first in your mind, but take a close look at what this city has to offer and how it can be the perfect balance for all the factors mentioned above.

Let’s consider the budget for a second. The equivalent of £1 is ~355 HUF, the official monetary units in Hungary. A pint of beer, for example, is in the vicinity of £1 and for a meal for two persons, you might spend the equivalent of £20-25, and not in a budget type of place. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly environment for you and the girls for a hen do weekend, this is the place where you may actually come back with money still on you.

Let’s forget about the money for a second, and think about the other factors. If you set your destination to Budapest for your hen night, then what you should think about, apart from money and the people that are going with you, are the activities.

You know, the memory stuck, always remembered and shared, adventurous and unbelievable, “How in the world did I do that?” kind of activities.

Because if you choose Budapest for your hen weekend, you’re in for a treat.

Things to Do and Things to Avoid for Your Hen Do in Budapest

Let’s start with the things you should absolutely avoid because there are only a few.

First of all, you are absolutely forbidden to be bored! This hen weekend in Budapest is only about fun and jolly things to do with your gals, and, alas, boredom is not one of those.

Another thing strictly forbidden is worrying. Cheer up and let a team of professionals do all the crazy and hard work because you deserve a treat and the girls want you to feel at your absolute best.

We’re going to make a suggestion for a wonderful team that you should contact for your Budapest hen do, at the end of this article.

Now, let’s talk about the fun part!

  1. Cool classes and some culture

Drinking, male stripping and gun shooting are definitely not the only fun activities you should try out over your hen weekend in Budapest. If you’re the cultural or the sagacious type, then why not mix smiles with synapses.

You should clearly learn some new moves with some dancing lessons and impress your hubby with some pole dancing. Think about this as the perfect wedding gift for him and the perfect activity for you.

You can also enjoy gastronomy classes and learn interesting things about wine or champagne tasting, being a professional barista, cocktail mixing or bon-bon making. Oh, and don’t forget about the nude painting class, that should be a treat for both the eyes and the mind.

  1. For the sporty brides and bridesmaids

Do you enjoy sports? Then you can take the whole hen experience for a spin because in Budapest there are some cool sports activities for your special hen weekend. And I’m not talking about jogging or stretching, because this is about adventure, including stuff like go-karting, bobsledding, ice skating, cross country on quads.

Also, for the girls who fancy a gun, special activities like gun shooting or paintball are also available for the hen do in Budapest. Put on your most badass outfit and go for the adventure of a lifetime!

  1. Tour & Cruising Adventures

If travel is your passion, then Budapest is not only a simple destination but a central hub for tours and cruises for brides and bridesmaids on their hen weekend. There are so many options, that you will simply have to resist the urge to embark in all of them.

The simplest tour is the beer bike one. It requires only for you and the girls to engage in some physical activity, but also relax and enjoy a pint of beer. Don’t worry, there is plenty of beer!

But if beer is not your thing, how about a fabulous private boat cruise on the Danube river, or a city tour by coach?Or something vintage, like a Trabant Trek Countryside. All of them are available in Budapest for your pleasure.

  1. Last, but not least, Hen Specialty

A spa is just what the doctor recommends and Budapest is full of places to cash in your relaxation recipe. Or, a better idea: thermal baths. Of course, you should not forget about the Hen Specialties, but first, you really have to try the services of a professional hairstylist.

Then you are ready for the perfect night in town with the girls, because an all-inclusive hen evening awaits you, with male strippers, cocktail drinks, good music and the perfect vibe for a memorable night.

And if we’re talking about professional male strippers, you cannot miss the Chippendale Show, a feast for your eyes, where the cocktails come and go, but the performer will definitely be stuck in your memory.

How about all these things you can enjoy in a glorious hen do in Budapest?

I promised something about a team of fun professionals at the end of the article, so here they are – Eventhuse.

Contact them to plan your Budapest hen do and you will party like it’s the last weekend on earth. Also, check their website,, and see for yourself the details of your future bachelorette dream.

Spend the last weekend before your wedding in style with the best girlfriends at your side!

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