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Explore the Best Excursion Destinations with Children in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations that every individual wants to visit once in a lifetime. The high peaks and striking nature are sure to give you one of the best travel experiences. Traveling with your family is sure to add more enjoyment to your trip. Especially when traveling with your kids, you can find the best excursion destinations with children (ausflugszielebernmitkindern) in Switzerland.

Some of the finest excursion destinations with children in Switzerland are:

  • Adventure Park Ropetech

The adventure park in Bern is one of the attractive destinations for a thrilling excursion in Switzerland (ausflüge in der schweiz) with your kids. The visitors can experience the perfect mix of nature, thrills, and adventure at the Adventure Park Ropetech. The entertainment options available in the parks will keep your child engaged all through the day.

  • Foxtrail

Foxtrail is a place full of excitement, fun, and action. Foxtrail is a place that is always crowded with tourists. The beautiful sightseeing and the trick puzzles keep your children excited at the Foxtrail.

  • Gurten

Gurten is one of the best Switzerland excursion destinations (schweizausflugsziele). A visit to Gurten can save you a lot of time yet offer you impressive views. The traffic-free location of Gurten allows you to reach the place in just a few minutes. The observation towers offer you the best views of the cities of Berne and Aare as well as Jura and Mittelland. You can relax your mind here and enjoy the breath-taking views with your children. The electric cars, climbing frames, bowling arena, and Frisbee are some of the unique attractions of the place.

  • Technorama

Technorama is the science center of Switzerland. Children enjoy science experiments here and learn quite a lot. Technorama helps in widening the knowledge base of children related to technology, science, and arts. Touching, playing, and understanding of the experiments never allow the children to feel bored even for a minute. The exciting presentation on lighting superconductivity, greenhouse effect, and the ozone hole are sure to clear your perception about the popular concepts.

  • Max Chocolatier

Nothing can be more appealing then chocolates to the children. Max Chocolatier is one of the best excursions children in Switzerland (ausflüge kinder schweiz). It is like a fairy tale land for the children. The visitors of Max Chocolatier are offered to taste a wide range of seasonal ranges. The use of 100% natural ingredients in the chocolate truffles and other chocolates is a specialty of this place. The children can also get the opportunity to watch the making of their favorite truffles and know more about their history.

  • Museum of Transport

The museum of transport is the best way to discover Switzerland (schweizentdecken) effectively. The Museum of Transport is not just a museum but features a complete adventure world with theme parks, film theatres, planetarium, and many more. The playing facilities available here keeps the children delighted. The numerous exhibitions in the Museum of Transport are a must-visit to offer you the best experiences.

Plan an excursion with your children to Switzerland and experience the best.

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