How To Get The Visa In A Hassle Free Manner

If you are planning for the vacation with your friends and family then you should consider the Sri Lanka on your list. This is because this country is very attractive as it is full of diversity and also rich in cultural heritage. Moreover, its natural beauty will surely leave you to amaze.

Getting the visa especially a travel visa to Sri Lanka is not that much hard. This is because, in order to promote the tourism of the Sri Lanka, the government of the Sri Lanka tries to ease the process of getting the visa for the foreigners.

In order to ease the process of the visa, the government introduces the electronic travel authorization. This is basically an eTA visa that person needs to take before their visit to Sri Lanka. There are three countries that are exempted from the e-visa because those 3 countries nationalists get the visa on arrival. E-visa is also good for those who don’t want any delay at the airport. Moreover, there are around 19 countries in total whose nationals must require an advance visa before the arrival.

In order to get the visa, there are also some norms that you need to keep in mind such as your passport must be valid for the minimum time period of at least 6 months. To get the visa through ETA you also must need to register with the high commission website along with the passport. Also, keep in mind that you should carry your passport with yourself while travelling to Sri Lanka because you visa gets linked with the passport only. For any further details, you should visit, as here you get full details about the visa procedure.

You can also take the help from the visa services as these services help you to take and follow the correct procedures and more. They can tell you to how you need to fill the form and what types of documents will be needed.

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