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How to take better photos with your iPhone?

Nothing can replace a professional camera; however, there are some moments in your life when you have only your iPhone on hand. Masters from the best Hair Salon in NYC have prepared a list of tips how to make the best use of your phone.

Tip #1. Choose simple backgrounds

It’s not a secret that photos with simple backgrounds look cleaner and attract more attention on Instagram or Pinterest. Look for white or light gray wall or something like this, for example, wood floors, marble tile, or fur rug.

Tip #2. Be creative!

If you haven’t a house in a minimalistic manner, it’s not a problem; you can fake it. Go to the nearest shop and buy some samples of tile or paint one of the walls.

Tip #3. Be closer to the window

Photos near window light look better. It’s a commonplace truth which you should know. It doesn’t matter what you are trying – to make a selfie or to make a photo of some object; light plays a significant role.

Tip #4. Set a grid

The grid will help you to follow the Divine Proportion, which is very important if you want to make a kosher photo. Of course, you can fix it with the help of the editor, but try to make everything right without a peep. It will help you not to waste time.

Tip #5. Lock the focus

Put the focus on the one place; there is a function AE/AF lock – it means Auto Exposure and Auto Focus lock. Use it!

Tip #6. Perfect editing

Use some programs for editing. For example, VSCOCam or PS Express. Of course, you can make all manipulations on Instagram.

Hope our recommendations will be helpful, and soon you will become the Queen of Instagram!

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