Vacation in Colorado

Many Reasons to Vacation in Colorado

A new type of tourism has emerged in Colorado – as of 2014; marijuana tourism in Colorado became quite popular. This is because Colorado is one of the first state to legalize recreational use of Cannabis for adults of 21 years and older Anyone with a valid state issued ID and over the age of 21 can go to a dispensary and legally purchase marijuana products. Because of this, Colorado has become quite popular for “cannabis tourism” especially to previously unknown small towns like Trinidad, Colorado  that was on the brink of going bankrupt but the marijuana industry brought great economic boom in Trinidad, Colorado.


This town that has become popular for tourists due to its location at the New Mexico/Colorado border and there are over 20 recreational dispensaries to buy marijuana and to choose from a lot of competition. Because of the fierce competition, the prices have gone down drastically. If you are interested in taking a marijuana vacation in Colorado and you are coming from Texas, Arizona, or New Mexico, you might consider Trinidad Colorado a place to visit.

Location of retailers

Locating or picking the best dispensary is often not easy. But now there are apps like Weedmaps and Leafly that can help with this and will show you the nearest location and deals in town. But, in Trinidad people are friendly so you can ask any local where to go.

Things to do in Trinidad, Colorado

Trinidad is a quiet an example of the “wild Wild West” of USA. It place that is hidden among the beautiful mountains of the Colorado Rockies. Excellent location on the “great Santa trail” this town has its own history and architecture.  A serene town, there are some things to do besides just using marijuana tourism. If you enjoy fishing, Trinidad as some good fishing spots like Trinidad lake and Monument lake in this area, that is relaxing and easy for the entire family. So, enjoy the outdoors and nature will give you a full dose of peace. This area of Colorado is God’s country.

RV Camping out

Camping is a special experience. If you have never camped out, you should at least try it once. Families or friends can enjoy being in the Colorado nature. The sounds of nature are different from the sounds of the city and are part of the reason that people enjoy camping so much. During the day families can go hiking among the beauty of nature.

No matter the reasons you came to Colorado, you will be glad that you did, and this state will keep you coming back.

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