SOG Ninja Daypack Focus Review

Tactical Backpacks have a variety of different uses. Whether you use them while hunting, camping, or other outdoor activities, it is essential to find the best tactical backpack that has the most benefits that suit your outing.

The SOG Ninja Daypack is intended to supply all of these benefits at an affordable price. Below is the SOG Ninja Daypack broken down into a detailed review.



The best tactical backpacks are obviously the ones that make the best use out of their pockets. You want enough pockets so that you can store everything you might need in an organized way, but not so many pockets that it causes clutter.

The SOG Ninja Daypack is equipped with multiple pockets that are sure to make packing easy. The large zippered compartment is great for any of the larger items you might need to pack while the smaller front pocket is equipped with an organizer, making sure that there is a place for everything.

The zippered pocket in between can be used for flat storage. There are even two side pouches, one of which is intended for water bottles while the other is designed for storing sunglasses and the like.

Among these pockets, you can find a left and right hose port designed to keep you hydrated during all of your outdoor activities. This pack also offers MOLLE attachment capabilities so that you can add additional storage to the outside of the pack if you wish.


It’s no surprise that most tactical backpacks are entended for functionality rather than comfort. With the SOG Ninja Daypack, you get both. The padded mesh on the back of this backpack allows for comfort, while also allowing the material to breathe and not holding in odor.

Additionally, the wide shoulder straps equipped with the sternum slider allow you to carry as much as the backpack will hold without weighing you down.


The functional design of this tactical backpack is unmatched. When it comes to the ease of use, this may be the best tactical bag out there. However, there are some mixed reviews about the style.

The pack is equipped with a skull wearing a beret patch right on front of the pack. While those who love this design love it, some would prefer a more streamlined look.


When it comes to price, this bag cannot be beaten. For all of the features that this bag has to offer, the SOG Ninja Daypack along with all of its accessories are a great value for the price.


  • Affordable bag with plenty of storage
  • Extra storage and accessories available thanks to MOLLE compatibility
  • Organized pockets make for easy packing
  • Hydration hose capability perfect for outdoor use
  • Comfortable pack that will not weigh you down


  • Some would prefer a more streamlined design rather than the skull approach
  • Some would prefer a larger design rather than this compact model

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How big is the water bottle compartment?

A: Most 40oz water bottles will fit comfortably in this compartment.

Q: Is the bag noisy when hiking or hunting?

A: Thanks to the polyester material, this pack has a quieter design.

Q: Could this be used as a bug-out bag?

A: Yes! Most prefer it over other bug-out bags because it is reasonably priced.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for an affordable tactical back that will fit plenty of things, stay comfortable, and keep you organized, then this is the bag for you.

If the only negative thing to say about it is the skull design, then it is safe to say this bag is incredibly well made. The SOG Ninja Daypack would be recommendable to anyone.

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