Swiss Travel Pass: is it worth it?

Swiss Travel Pass: is it worth it?

Congratulations! If you are reading this post, there is a high chance you have decided to visit Switzerland, a country that lures millions of tourists every year with its pristine nature, unbeatable hiking paths, quality of life, safety and famous cheese, chocolate, watches and much more!

One of the key elements of planning your trip to Switzerland is to decide on the duration of your stay, itinerary and way of getting around.

Public transport in Switzerland is a state of art: organized, with extensive network of routes and different means of transport and running on time as the Swiss clock. Having said that, using public transport to travel between the destinations as well as within the cities is definitely recommended.

Swiss Travel Pass is probably the easiest and most convenient way of discovering Switzerland. This pass gives you an unlimited travel during certain number of days. Whether it is train, bus, boat, Swiss Travel Pass offers unbeatable cost advantage if you are eager to see the most of Switzerland during your stay.

You can choose between 1st of 2nd class and for the duration of 3, 4, 8 or 15 consecutive days. You could also opt for the Swiss Travel Flex Pass, which offers the same benefits, just that you don’t have to travel in consecutive days, but within a month. For example: if you purchased a 3-day Swiss Travel Flex Pass, then you can choose 3 days within 30 days after you validated the pass and travel without limit on boats / buses / trains on those days.

Naturally, the cost of the Swiss Travel Pass depends on the class and the duration of validity. The price might seem a bit on the high side, but so are the regular train, boat and bus tickets in Switzerland. To give you an example, the return ticket on the train to JungFrauJoch – Top of Europe costs around CHF 200. The price of the Swiss Travel Pass for 3 consecutive days in 2nd class is CHF 232. So it becomes very obvious that the Swiss Travel Pass is a worthy investment should you plan to travel a lot in-between the cities and take scenic train rides. If you are below 26 years of age, you can purchase Youth Swiss Travel Pass (or the Flex one) with 15% discount.

Among other Swiss Travel Pass advantages, you can count on unlimited travel on the panorama scenic trains. Fancy a ride on the famous Glacier express or the Panoramic Bernina Express? Nothing is easier with the Swiss Travel Pass. Just be sure to check if there is a reservation fee.

Another perk offered when purchasing Swiss Travel Pass, is that you get access to public transport in nearly 90 cities around Switzerland for free.

Are you a fan of museums?Then Swiss Travel Pass has another perk for you: it gives you free access to 500 museums. In fact, Switzerland is home to some of the most captivating and interactive museums. Many of them were designed in such an entertaining way, that without doubt every child and adult is meant to love them. Take FIFA museum in Zurich for example, with its football stations. Or Transport museum in Lucerne with its vast collection of different means of transport that children can board.

With all these benefits that Swiss Travel Pass brings, in order to use it to the maximum advantage, it is really important to choose your route based on your preferences. Ideally, you could plan to come for a minimum of 2 weeks and prepare a rich program combining culture, nature, food and many more memories!

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