Hotels In Hurghada

The Best Markets And Hotels In Hurghada

Hurghada occupies a prominent tourism center in the world in terms of its striking beauty that many enjoy. The beauty of Hurghada is concentrated in the presence of coral reefs and colorful fish that decorate its waters and the presence of many tourist areas that amaze those who visit it with its beauty, and an inventory can be made of the best markets in Hurghada, plus great resorts and hotels in this tourism city that also are offered on this link

Names’ list of the best resorts and hotels in Hurghada:

1- Titanic Royal.

2- Hilton Hurghada Resort.

3- Samra Bay Hotel and Resort.

4- Mercure Hurghada Hotel.

5- Steigenberger Aldau Beach Hotel.

6- Hurghada Marriott Red Sea Beach Resort.

7- Steigenberger Pure Lifestyle.

List of the best markets in Hurghada:

1- Esplanada Mall.

It is a large shopping mall located in the Al Mamsha El Seyahi area. It includes many cafes, shops, and stores of the souvenirs. It also has a group of featured cafes and famous restaurants.

2- Senzo Mall.

An advanced shopping and tourism center in Hurghada where there is a large group of shops that are famous for selling international brands of clothing and shoes, as well as many restaurants, cafeterias, and large games halls, especially children’s games and cinemas. Senzo Mall contains all entertainment and shopping.

3- Cleopatra Center.

This shopping center is distinguished by that it consists of several floors containing shops that sell all products, as well as a group of small bazaars that sell gifts and sculptures of ancient Pharaonic statues, and this center is one of the expensive shopping centers where it targets wealthy tourists.

4- El-Baraka Company For Natural Oils.

Al Baraka Company is located in the Al Mamsha El Seyahi area, as this company specializes in selling natural oils to treat many diseases, and it also sells products for skincare, hair, and body, and many tourists flock to this company because it has a good reputation.

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