Top Adventures in France

From north to south, France is a very diverse country. The country is home to some of the most spectacular landscape in Europe with rugged mountains, beautiful rivers, picturesque valleys and so many deep-in-tradition villages. Beside the stunning Paris Tours with Eiffel tower or Louvre museum, France has so much to offer for those who seek for a thrilling adventure which features a life time experience.

Conquer Mount Blanc

This world class climb attracts thousands of adventurers every year. The peak at 4.810m is a great challenge for many reasons. You must be an experienced trekker to conduct this journey since it requires techniques and long endurance. Like Himalaya Trek route, Mount Blanc is full of changes from low attitude to the higher elevation.  The best reward of this climb is the panorama of the surrounding mountains and the wild encounters.

Kayaking in South France

With numerous well-preserved rivers, south France is a paradise for canoeing and kayaking. Depends on your taste, there are wide choices to enjoy the currency from gentle to the very rapid one. While le Loire area offers a perfect insights of castle with history, le Gardon boasts  a realm of old architect and fascinating village, Le Tarn highlights all keen kayakers by its pristine waters and incredible wild nature.

Paragliding Over Milau

Once the highest bridge in the wall, Milau Viaduct is a beautiful attraction of Aveyron area. Taking a paraglide flight means you are to behold the magnificent mountains and the picturesque town right at down your feet. For professional, the ride can last for hours and if you are not, take an escorted ride for 45 minutes over the cascading waterfall and the rich land.

Cycling along the less visited paths

You may think about Tour De France as it is very popular yet when you really commence a cycling trip, France has more than that to offer. From farms to cities, mountain trails to coastal lines, in all the regions, you will find cycling roads of different grades as French love cycling.
Do not surprise if you have a priority road as they do that here too.

Culinary Adventure

Last but not least, France is amazing place for cuisine. Our advice is to not stick with the dishes you knew from books or videos, French chefs cook differently from one to another. In all big cities, it is easy to book a Food Tour that introduces the highlights of that place but once again, you can also spend the evening in a very quaint restaurant with creative menu if you search a little further.

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