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Travel Tips: 7 Ways to Pack Light and Look Good at the Same Time

Some people prefer to travel like a packhorse, simply because they’re so scared of the possibility that they might forget something. Or maybe they think that they’re sacrificing their style if they pack light.

But did you know that you can look good without traveling like a mule?

Another thing is that, if you are traveling with kids, you need to think of going light as the best option so you can let them carry some bags too.

Below are some tips to help you realize that sacrificing style and comfort doesn’t necessarily go with traveling light.

Don’t forget the “don’t-forgets”

Traveling light doesn’t need skyrocketing techniques. It all starts with proper planning. And a good plan means not doing it the night before or even a day earlier.

Soon as you book that flight, which usually takes months in advance, start to think about accomplishing a packing list right away. You can create a list that could be used on any travel, whether it’s an international flight or domestic, a beach trip, or more of a day trip in the city.

And that will serve as your “don’t forget” list. This list could include essential documents such as a passport or visa if needed.

Next list will be the more appropriate one for the trip. If you are going to a tropical destination, don’t forget to bring light and pastel-colored tops — comfortable bottoms such as skirts or a pair of dressy shorts. And sunnies and sunscreen are also a must.

After accomplishing a pack list, make sure to stick with it religiously. After all, your objective is to pack light.

Bring clothes with at least 3 coordinated colors

Another essential technique in packing light is to have your clothes color-coordinated.

Spending time to systematically plan your outfits before you leave the house is so much better than cramming in your hotel room. If you are also trying to be a backpack traveler, the last thing you would want to waste your time on is thinking about what to wear for a day.

You can only bring three tops and a single pair of your trusted jeans, for example, and yet make 4 to 5 outfit ideas from it. Pairing is more relaxed with this travel hack as you will not be bombarded with choices as you unzip your carry-on luggage.

best luggage that compliments your style

Pick the best luggage that compliments your style

So you’ve made a list, ticked all the boxes, and the things that made it are laid down in bed. Next thing to think about is to acquire a piece of luggage that fits your style.

You can use a carry-on with wheels or a backpack, whichever you feel will best make your travel less hassle and with ease.

Bear in mind, though, the accepted carry-on luggage size most airlines follow; should be 22 inches by 18 inches by 10 inches and that includes all the handles, wheels, and even side pockets.

Every airline is different, and sometimes they also change the acceptable luggage allowance for a carry-on. Therefore, before investing in an expensive and quality bag, it is better to check the airline’s restrictions first.

Pack accessories and wear them right away

Bringing expensive accessories is not suggested unless you are willing to use them right away.

Remember that even your carry-on luggage is kept in the overhead bin, meaning your belongings will be out of your sight the whole flight.

So if you plan on bringing in accessories, make sure to choose the ones that you can wear right away. This trick could also give space to other things you want to stuff in your bag.

Pack shoes that can transition from day to night

Packing shoes could be a challenge. However, always remember that when you pack light, you aim to carry less. Thus, reducing weight. But never take for granted each item’s usefulness.

For example, if you are having second thoughts that jogging outside is impossible, then do not bring any trainers anymore. There are other workouts you can do that does not require a pair of rubber shoes.

Opt for sneakers instead of use as your casual pair. Then, bring another pair to match your dresses or to level up some simple outfit ensembles you’ve got.

Bringing two pairs of shoe max is possible for light packing. Just make sure to wear the bulkiest pair on your flight.

Wear workout gear when traveling

Gone are the days that wearing workout clothes when traveling is a sign of dressing up scruffily. The usual brands such as Adidas and Nike, have been continuously creating workout clothes that double up as casual wear.

Long-haul flights are the perfect situations where you can use workout clothes to dress down comfortably and in style. The fabric almost weighs nothing and very low-maintenance. There’s no need to buy a particular type of laundry soaps, and very easy to dry.

Pack a classy and flexible clothing

Times have changed. To dress formally or classy these days does not necessarily mean to go for overflowing dresses or long gown with lots of sequins or even full suits.

One can still look elegant even with just the simplest clothes.

Try bringing pantsuit for example or culottes and any top of your choice for women. While cashmere cardigans as an alternative for suits, for men.

In Summary…

Comfort and style can go hand-in-hand with packing light. But this kind of technique doesn’t happen naturally. It takes time and lots of planning too. So never underestimate the things that can go inside your carry-on and your mastery of packing.

Make sure to remember the tips by heart; it will definitely come handy moving forward.

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