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Adventure And Exploration On The High Seas

If you are looking for a new pastime and want to take on something that is going to both excite and relax you, sailing might just be the answer. There is no more multifaceted sport than sailing; take slow leisurely trips for relaxation or go for speed and exhilaration, the choice is yours.

Freedom To Explore

Taking to the water gives you the opportunity to explore the open seas. Sail around Britain and see this wonderful country from an entirely different perspective. From the Solent to Skye, the UK has some great sailing coastlines and the ever-changeable weather means that you’ll get to experience all the different aspects of the sport too.

If you fancy spreading your wings away from the coastal waters of home, Europe also has some extraordinary waters to travel through. From the freshwater lakes such as Lake Garda and Lake Constance through to the open seas of the Mediterranean, Aegean and Ionian, you are sure to find new and exciting locations to enjoy when you take up sailing.

Even further afield, Thailand, Australia, The Grenadines, Zanzibar and New Zealand are just a few of the places this glorious pastime can take you to. Enjoy magnificent sunsets beneath the sails as you take in all of the natural beauty on offer whilst out at sea.

Sailing Safely

As with all things that offer such great rewards, there is an element of work to be done first. In order to sail safely you will need to be competent aboard a boat and the best way to gain knowledge and experience is by completing a RYA Sailing Course.

Laid out in a series of two-day courses, the RYA Sailing Courses aim to take you from being a complete beginner an expert sailor in an enjoyable, safe and controlled manner. Learn to sail in a dinghy, a keelboat or a multihull depending upon the type of sailing you wish to do and make your way from novice to competent skipper in the hands of highly experienced trainers.

Once you have learnt the basics and progressed on to some of the more demanding techniques you will feel confident enough to take to the water by yourself, and that opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Sailing Holidays

With the necessary training under your belt you can look forward to exploring some of the aforementioned waters for yourself. Sailing holidays can give you the chance to relax and unwind or push yourself to limits if the ultimate adrenaline rush is what you are after.

Whether you decide to opt for a racer or a cruiser is entirely your choice, but one thing will remain the same – the pleasure you’ll get from being out on the open water. Sailing is a sport that can be enjoyed by all ages, and there’s no upper age limit to when you can take to the water for the first time.

So, why not look into booking an RYA Sailing Course and see if a life on the ocean wave is for you? Once you’ve tried it you may never look back.

Simon King runs Broad Reach Sailing, which offers RYA sailing courses on the Solent on the South Coast.

Travelling Alone

Travelling alone is a wonderful experience, especially for first-time solo flyers. It is a chance to indulge yourself completely, and to surrender to the freedom of being able to do whatever you want. This gives you a chance to be free of everything and to have a memorable vacation.

Of course, when travelling alone, you are vulnerable to certain risks and potential problems. Being careful will ensure that your trip is both amazing and safe. Remember, nothing attracts attention more than a tourist who actually looks like a tourist. Such people are easy targets and can be conned or mugged without much effort. Keeping the following tips in mind will help you make your solo trip safe and trouble-free.

Find Out the Curfew Where You Are Staying

Nothing is worse than having to sleep in your car because the holiday accommodation you selected has closed for the day. Find out if they have a specific curfew, after which they close their services. If there is such a curfew, make sure you have everything finished by that time and that you are back in your room a good half an hour beforehand.

Carry Good Identification

Keep all your identification papers within easy reach. Invest in a money belt where you can keep everything safe. Always have a backup copy in case the documents are stolen. Carry both scanned and printed copies. This way you will have all your information at hand in a crisis situation.

Be Your Own Counsel

Nothing can beat common sense. If something feels unsafe or risky, it is best to stay away from it. You do not need to try everything when you are travelling; sometimes it is okay to walk away. It might seem boring, but, at the end of the day, this attitude will keep you safe and that is what counts.

Exude Confidence

If you act like a tourist, you will attract attention. When you walk, be confident about where you are going and walk purposefully. This way, you will blend in with the locals and will be relatively safer. If you look visibly unsure about the directions to a certain place, you might become an easy target for thieves and pickpockets.

It Is Okay Lie a Little

It is never wise to let others know that you are travelling alone. If you are looking for a place you want to visit and need to ask someone the directions, state it in a way that they feel you are not alone. Create a “friend” you are visiting or meeting up with. If you let on that you are alone, it will make you an easy prey. Therefore, be very careful about what you say.

Travelling alone might not be for everyone, but it is definitely worth a try. Keeping these easy pointers in mind will make your solo trip a memorable one for you. Safety is the most important things when it comes to travel. If you know what to do and what to avoid, the trip will be as smooth as you want it to be.

Margaret Ramsey has travelled the world alone since 2009. She knows exactly where to stay and has often stopped at apartments in remote places. For more information, visit this link: