We are looking for original analysis and comments as well as the perspective of an industry expert. Our authors cover a wide variety of subjects; however, you are free to write on a topic that is similar to one they have covered as long as you present an original viewpoint that is supported by facts.

  • The lowdown about something. This refers to information or tales that are not available anyplace else on the Internet.
  • Articles that have anything to do with food, food makers, food e-commerce, or food technology
  • Studies or conclusions from relevant research or the scientific community. Make sure that your arguments are laid out in a bulleted format that is simple to read.
  • Reporting from the source. This indicates that you conducted interviews with the individual(s) or food maker(s) mentioned in your story and have exact quotations from those interviews.
  • Accuracy. This involves the correct use of language as well as factual accuracy.
  • Count of words. Typically, postings between 600 and 800 words are successful. This is not an ironclad regulation at all. Use as much room as you require conveying what it is that you need to express.

What We Are Not Attempting To Find:

  • Posts that is promotional or sponsored. It is important that your article does not sound like a press release or a classified ad and does not appear to be biased. You should also avoid using your article as a way to attract more members. You must always come clean about any possible conflicts of interest.
  • We do not deal in any non-vegetarian food items or any content that is linked to non-vegetarian food in any way.
  • Attacks. No insults or personal attacks, conspiracy theories, slander, or unnecessary use of bad language allowed.
  • Messages or posts that violate the intellectual property rights of another individual. This includes, but is not limited to, copyrights of any kind as well as trade secrets and trademarks of any kind.

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